Monday, January 28, 2008

It's a dog's world

I always love dogs, especially collie, because they are the most loyal and dependable animals. If you were a dog (hehe sorry), I think you would be pretty lucky to live in Tokyo.

Ok, there is no green grass to run on, no sandbox to play in, not even a fire hydrant to pxx at! (yea, come to think of it, how come I have never seen a fire hydrant on the street so far?) BUT you sure will be among the best dressed doggies in the world. There are pure bred doggies, not in singles, but in pairs at every street corner you turn. These dogs are all in color co-ordinated (with their hair color, of course) fashion and overcoats on leash by their well-heeled and again, color-co-ordinated owners.

Just the other day, we saw this beautifully groomed white toy poodle walking out of the supermarket donning a pink knit skirt with a matching pink fur coat on top. At that instant, I have never felt so underdressed compared to a DOG! Hubby kidded ourselves that even dogs in Tokyo dress better us.

Anyway, it doesn't matter how lucky the dogs in Tokyo are, no dog is as lucky as this one in Seoul!

Not only that its handsome master solicits its fashion judgement ....

It actually gets to watch the sexiest man change in front of it!

Yeah yeah doggie, you don't have to gloat about it!

You know a million women will trade anything to switch places with you, you lucky devil! :)


bb said...

ya! and have you seen those shops and corners in dept stores that sell oh-so-pretty doggie clothes and accessories?!!

p.s. any idea if pada is a girl or a boy huh?

gosijo said...

There must be dog fashion shows, then, and doggy designer duds, no? Ah, for folks like us, coming from the boonies, this is quite a lesson in the art of living!

As for that lucky, lucky dog in Seoul, aren't there 2 even luckier? After all, his encounter with wuri Tae Wang lasted only a few hours whereas those other two pooches get repeat chances. Still, I alsmot feel sorry for the poor dears since their master is planning an extended visit away from home. Unless he brings them along!! Now, that's an idea!

Toujours_BYJ said...

Ah Bada is really lucky, isn't it ?
The funny thing is we are all envious of a dog !

jaime said...

dear princess, THAT dog had better NOT be a girl! or else I'll be really jealous ......

hehe yes, I saw a dog fashion boutique one time. It is decorated like an elegant French dress shop with female mannequins in the window that I mistook it as a fashion boutique, so embarassing!

love ...jaime

jaime said...

hi dear gosijo,

I saw a video once that YJ's dogs are taken care of by a trainer. I wonder if his dogs know he's their master. I think dogs can sense it because master shows more affection while trainer is more disciplined. I am glad YJ is enjoying this pure and trusting relationship with his dogs.

yes, lucky lucky dogs!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hehe dear camille,

I remember bb blogged about his fans wish to be his horse, his wine glass and now a dog! hehe, I am sure Bada is a star in its own right, so I wonder if it thinks Yong Joon is lucky to be with me!!
just kidding.

love ,.... jaime

judy said...

Hi Chinggu!

I am so glad to read all your updated reports while staying in BAEland Annex. You even had the chance of seeing a well-dressed poodle. We don't get to see that here, hehehhehe.

Oh, how I would love to trade places with Bada. Even if it means being hated by all of you for the rest of my life, hehehheeheh!

Happy days & days ahead dearie! Wish you all the more exciting experiences to report.

Yup, Camille, I agree with you that it is funny that we al had to be envious of a dog. Wonder how it would feel like being fed from HRH's hand, sitting thisclosetohim, patted daily...... ohhhhhhh, my knees are weakening, heheheheh!

Anonymous said...

Dear jaime,

How are you doing ?
Hope you've put everything in place.

As for the dog,judging from the pattern of the coat and the sash belt with a tie,it's a kimono fashion,I think.Yes,Japanese dogs are mostly more fashionable than I.
There also are toys & accessories
vasatile for them.Dog's Heaven,isn't it ?

BTW,are you enjoying TWSSG with Japanese sub ?
Don't you think it interesting for
each epi to have introductory caption like ''Trapped DD ''aired
last nght ? We do in genaral.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Take care !


jaime said...

hehe chinggu,

are u sure? running the risk of being hated by all of us just to be a dog?? hehe, I don't blame you. then please fully exercise your ability as a dog and tell us later how he smells like, ok?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi dear moichan,

how are you? So nice to hear from you here. Yes, I think I am more or less settled already.

I try to watch TWSSG as much as possible on NHK BS-Hi because the image is so clear (kind of late though). Hope I will see you in Gosireh next week.

Please try to keep safe and warm in this cold weather.

love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Oh your forgetting
I wanted to be the lobster he was holding by the antlers in a picture
he was smiling at it
and so masculine... *sights*

See what I mean.
so the dog is not a bad choice at all, he would think,if was me,
such a sweet dog
loves me terrebly
fallows me everywhere,
but does not like woman around me,
and issist to have a bark at what I wear.

Glad to hear you are doing so well in Tokio darling,
I hope your son and hubbie are fine and happy to.


jaime said...

hahaha sorry moontime, a LOBSTER!
You want him to eat you up, eh? a pretty ambitous thought, may I add? Please watch out that there are sisters who might want to tear those lobster claws off first :)

Thank you for your warm wishes. We are trying our best here. I hope you and your family will stay healthy and happy too. Please take care!

love ... jaime

Tamar said...

Bada gives new meaning to the phrase "you lucky dog". LOL!!!

bb said...

keke, actually 'eat' has another meaning in the chinese language :p

jaime said...

hehe bb,

I think I know what that 'eat' means :)

now I am being very 'naughty' here, so I guess I'd better hide it in a comment :

I just notice Bada is fully taking advantage of its position next to HRH here! Do you notice where its right leg is resting on?! Now I hate to even imagine where its left leg is!!! This dog is just just just too much! (and I am so so so envious :)

Now you mean nobody notice except me??

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hehe tamar,

now it's DEFINITELY a lucky dog!

love ... jaime

bb said...

jaime jaime jaime...

you wanted to 'hide' and then you went to start an even bigger fire!! hee... gotta say i didn't notice it till you mentioned it. now i wish wish wish wuri yong joon's wearing transparent clothes so that we can see where pada's left leg is!! :p

p.s. ya, i think you got 'eat' right *bb winks!

bb said...

oh ya, and its ear is also right next to his wonderful chest!! i soooo... wanna be there!!

jaime said...

hahaha princess, transparent clothes? don't we all wish?! yeah yeah, and those flappy ears, right in front of his chest! Bada is lucky to be JUST a dog. If any fan is 2 inches closer to him, I can't even imagine what the security guards will do? :)

Come to think of it, didn't we read sometime ago during his photo shoot w/ leslie, leslie was able to persuade him to take off his shirt to pose? I wonder if he will ever release those droolingly yummy pictures? I guess that's all I can wish for!

love .. jaime

bb said...

come to think of it, do you think he will bother to put on clothes if the clothes are transparent? :p

jaime said...

hehe, the trick is : how do we (or his stylist) fool him that it's not transparent?

btw, I've already claimed ownership of that pooch's left leg :) you still want the ear, princess?

bb said...

keke... not only do we have to bribe his stylist to help us, we also have to convince the rest of the world to play along and not even raise an eyebrow when they see him :p

p.s. he's the king, therefore he should be wearing the 'emperor's new clothes'!!

p.p.s. yea, yea, i know, me so cliche!

Anonymous said...

*hides very red face*


Anonymous said...

bb onni, moontime, jaime onni....
your really making my stomach hurt...
moontime iremember that u said you want to be the lobster (X D)
er....jaime onni i aslo saw that paw of bade :p
hehe....omg i cnat stop laughing :x

Anonymous said...

Hello Jaime, BB, Moontime

What a conversation!!!!! Just because of a dog :LOL:
I was not in a good mood today but by reading this, you guys made me laugh so hard, I'm now starting to have a stomachache. hahahahaha........

seriously, he/she is really a very very lucky dog. To be in his place every baesis dream.


jaime said...

hehe sorry moontime,

But of course you are 'red face', you are a lobster, remember?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hehe mymy,

i think this is PG 13, or maybe even 18? sorry that I am such a bad influence. Just to clarify, I am a very decent mother, hahaha :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi jelen,

I've seen your name in the chat box? in bb's blog. welcome!

Sorry that you were not in a good mood, I hope u feel better now. We all need a good laugh every day. Remember that's what Sujini asks ChongRyong to do to Damdeok - Make him smile at least once a day.

Have a happy day!

love ... jaime

Tamar said...

"I just notice Bada is fully taking advantage of its position next to HRH here! Do you notice where its right leg is resting on?! Now I hate to even imagine where its left leg is!!! This dog is just just just too much! (and I am so so so envious :)

Now you mean nobody notice except me??"

Actually I didn'tnotice that. After you pointed it out, I had to check...what a bad influence you are! ; )