Friday, January 18, 2008

BIG Warning #2

So pleasing to the eyes, hope you enjoy :) Dear vegas, feeling warmer now?

all pics reposted from Chinese Baidu thread/wlbyj


Tamar said...

I don't know if Vegas is getting heated up, but I am. *whew, sigh* Gotta have some Korean food to cool me off. : )

vegasbyj said...


Another morning of below freezing temps - and these pictures do warm me up - both inside and out... ;0

*double whew* is right, Tamar!

Need more "spice and sizzle" to cool us down.

Keep 'em coming Jaime... keep 'em coming!

"it's gettin' hot in here....

mishio said...

hi jaime!

no one smack me but these pics are sedate compared to the excitement of your social life right now! =) Moving to a foreign country must be so intimidating but it seems that your lovely bae-pals have totally cushioned the blow! So happy that you're settling in perfectly! Wishing you more wonderful adventures ahead.......

judy said...

Hi Chinggu!

Hahhahaha, enjoying your stay in your newfound home, eh? So happy for you that you were able to meet some very wonderful JPN sisters & being able to watch TWSSG & BY in theaters. Thank you so much for such detailed reports & we'll be waiting for more!

OMG! these pics should really come with big, big warnings! They are such a delight to view!

Love, Judy

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord
err.. I just keep staring at him
can't help it.

You seem to be doing fine
I'm glad


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime;

I am glad that you settled in new Tokyo surroundings. Oh! The first picture of HIM of BIG Warning #1 is so seductive that I can't take off my eyes.....
When you need to go to the Beauty Salon for your hair treatment, there is one you can check. It locates in the Roppongi Hills. Stylist's name is Mr. Kamohara. He worked for the Beauty Salon in my neighborhood and went back to Japan several years ago. He wasn't my stylist, but a couple of times he cut my hair. I really liked his gentle touch.
And I'm looking forward to seeing you in early March.
Enjoy watching TWSSG in the theater and life in Tokyo.

Take care!

jaime said...

Oh my dear baba-san,

you are a sweetheart! You have no idea how much I appreciate this. An English speaking hairstylist, now we can communicate! I was in Otemosando Hills yesterday and got a few bronchures from the salons but could not talk to the stylists cause I don't know Japanese. Hehe, the only thing that caught my attention is the L'Oreal Keratase products that they display outside, remember bb blogged about HRH's hair products?

Thank you so much baba-san for taking care of me, remotely. I am very touched. I look forward to seeing you again in March :) Please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hehe moontime,

if you keep staring at him, he'll be very embarassed. he's a shy guy, remember?

love .. jaime

jaime said...

hi chinggu,

please take care of yourself, ok?
love you very much! write to you later.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

dear mishio,

thank you so much for dropping by. As always, you hit the spot. I keep saying how wonderful the Japanese sisters are, but you know, their kind acts mean much much more to a newcomer than just plain old hospitality. Actually, I have meant to blog about this feeling, so coincidental that you bring it up. We know you are intelligent and observant already, but you really see things very thoroughly. We are so lucky to have great sisters like you, bb and gosijo to analyze things through for us. Please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

my dear vegas,

Watched from CNN that US is in a deep freeze including places that normally are not used to the cold.
Hehe, but your sunny disposition will no doubt warm things up in Las Vegas:) Please take care my dear, drink a lot of hot tea or juices, ok?

I guess I should not complain about the cold wind in tokyo anymore.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hehe tamar,

Korean food will keep things cool??
You must be a 'spice' girl! :) I still have to try kimchi fried rice. As always, thanks for your comment.

love ... jaime

Tamar said...

We have snow here in Sonoma County down to 1000ft. We normally don't get any snow this close to sea level. LOL! I live even lower to sea level than that so I don't have snow in my yard but I can see it on the mountains to the east. LOL!

jaime said...

Hi tamar,

please keep yourself warm and safe. read thatthe flu bugs are everywhere.

love ... jaime

Tamar said...

If BYJ comes out here anytime soon, he'll see the snow for himself. LOL!