Thursday, January 24, 2008

Control yourself

Just got back spending a day with cloudnine onni in 'Electric City', thank you cloudnine for helping me out. I really appreciate it :)

Sisters sisters ..... we got to exercise some self-control here, beauty like this is not easy to swallow. Good luck!

reposted from baidu by Mirror (not sure about her origin)


gosijo said...

Hi Jaime,

Yes, this is a very good series of pics! A bit 'posed' but very beautiful.

Continuing on our exchange about Pacific Mall, the posters are mostly old ones. In fact, one of them always reminds me of you because you've used the same pic for one of your Monet series. It's the one where he wears a pink-flowered shirt.

I see Camille has 'outed' me for re-watching WS. Heehee, it was meant to be one of those guilty solitary pleasures... But, you know me, can't keep quiet about things. BTW, I hadn't noticed before how much MH flirts with Yu-jin in the earlier episodes. Nothing very overt, just little jabs, here and there, like "'Yu-jin-a'... your fiancee must like saying your name". But it adds up! He always keeps the tension on when she's around, needling her with personnal questions! Tsk, tsk!!

But I'm sure I'll quickly forget those little annoyances as I've now turned the corner. Yep, yep, I'm past the episode with the outdoor concert and big confrontation with Sang-hyuk's evil omo-nim!!!

regie said...

dear jaime,

hehehe....he is BEAUTIFUL as always, seeing this pictures makes me smile for a while. Thanks for sharing it, i feel better now (I'm down with heavy cold and flu right now).

I loved the pic when he gazing up...maybe later I'll draw it. Right now, I'm still drawing his back (so hard to draw it! I'm mesmerizing it more that I draw it!!)remember l asked u for HRH pictures of his back?

Talk to you later and take care.

love n peace

flowerbossa said...

Hi jaime,

Thank you for sharing these photos!

AND, may I leave a comment to Gosijo?
You may be interested in reading what YJ himself thought about MH and (having to PLAY him!)
It may not be new to you, but if you are interested, pls check my latest entry.



Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

I heard that HRH is no more the spokesperson for Megane Ichiba either. So sorry for the bad news, and do you still want your glasses from Megane Ichiba?

cloud nine

Tamar said...

He looks so hansome...BYJ's lucky my kitty Mi-sook wasn't around when he was posing for the 4th picture. She can't resist a good lap and an opportunity to cuddle with a hansome man! LOL!

jaime said...

hi dear gosijo,

so sorry for replying late. I had a really busy weekend.

hehe, continuing at your pace, I guess now you are almost at the end of re-watching Winter Sonata? I couldn't agree with you more. MinHyung is a big flirt with Yujin at the beginning. Bet he felt really familiar and comfortable around her even when they first met.

Isn't that amazing that Yong Joon always let us discover something new about him everytime we watch?
Please enjoy!

love .. jaime

jaime said...

dear regie,

I am sorry to hear that you have the flu. Are you feeling better now? Please take care and rest well. I am curious to know which picture of Yong Joon's back you have chosen after you have 'rejected' mine, haha. I look forward to admiring your wonderful drawing. But please rest first, ok?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi dear flowerbossa,

Thank you so much for bringing gosijo and my attention to your wonderful translation of Yong Joon's 'Another Winter Sonata'. That is such a great read into Yong Joon's mind of MinHyung. I will go to your post and comment.

Again, it's so great to read your translation again and thank you so much for alerting us of your new posts. I have not set up that notification to know which blog has new posts like our technical bb :)

I'll see you in your blog later.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

my dear cloudnine onni,

WHAT?! Yong Joon is not the spokesperson for megane-ichiba anymore. I was in shibuya on saturday and still saw his huge picture outside the store.

OK, I formally announce megane-ichiba will no longer have my business! hehe, thanks for the news.

love .... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi tamar,

your kitty is called mi-sook, as in lee mi-sook in Untold scandal? really? is it a popular girl's name in korea? hehe, I think like your kitty mi-sook too :)

love ... jaime

Tamar said...

I named her Mi-sook before I had ever heard of Lee Mi-sook of Untold Scandal. My Mi-sook is 7 years old. I named her after our Korean hagwon secretary. My Mi-sook is black and white just like our BYJ in these photos, too.

HeippieH said...

Thank God I come to here. Thank you Jaime for reminding me about new postings in your blog. Got really really busy these days. Will be busier next week. I am so happy to have come here, my hearts light up immediately after seeing all these beautiful pictures of HRH.

And, I am excited to know that flowerbossa has translated some articles about BYJ's mind on MH, will go read after this. It's interesting to read about gosijo's comment about MH flirting to Yujin. Hmmm now that I think of it, it is so true that he has been doing that, was he consciously doing it or it was the attraction he fells into as the fate brought the two together again? I tend to think that MH was attracted to Yu-jin even after he lost his memory of his first love.

Love you girls,

jaime said...

dear h,

I know you are very busy w/ work. It's nice to know you enjoy reading about MinHyung and enjoying his pictures. Please take care of yourself during the cold winter.

love ... jaime