Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Keangnam Honorsville

I remember bb mentioned before, Keangnam and Megane Ichiba are the only 2 brands that Yong Joon is the spokesperson for. Secom has ended, right? I guess WHO can afford him now? So, these CF pictures of him are becoming more and more precious. Have you seen his newest spring 2008 look on the Keangnam Honorsville website? He looks so slim, so sleek, so calm!

original from byjgallery by 내안의공원, reposted from baidu by 秀智妮

The next 3 pics from 真爱勇俊 by flower, reposted from baidu by 梦想飞扬

If you like to view all his Keangnam CFs, listen to his audios and get his wallpapers, please go to the Keangnam Honorsville site On the Homepage, please click on the first (left most) choice on the top right (confusing, isn't it?). There are 3 selections under that, click on the right-most choice, then you can all of Yong Joon's CFs. Please enjoy!


Tamar said...

It seems they don't have any new wallpaper yet.

jaime said...

hi tamar,

thanks for reminding me about Wallpaper. come to think of it, it's time to change wallpaper. I am sure this sets of pictures will look great.

love .... jaime