Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yonsama on my train

I have so many encounters I like to record in my Japan journal. Yet to me, the 'when' of 'what' I do in 'where' is not that crucial to me. What I like to capture is that experience, that emotion of how I felt at that moment seems more valuable to me. So please excuse me sisters if you find that my events are not in sequence, hehe, or even doesn't make sense, miahnae-o.

I saw these were posted in baidu/bdpyj (reposted from cafe.daum.net/gallery by style and soompi by mariko a few days ago) :

I am sure you know by now that these posters are hung inside the Tokyo Metro subway train. The advertisement is about TWSSG being screened in Wald9 cinema, its related manga and photo book publications. I personally have not seen that particular one, but I spotted this one on my first weekend here :

Oh boy, you really have to be alert and ready all the time in Japan, I meant your camera or cell phone. I totally didn't expect, or wasn't even thinking about BYJ (oops, a big crime in the BYJ kingdom but you have to pardon me since I have 1000 things stuffed into my tiny brain). Then, my hubby noticed the poster (of course at his height, he's directly facing it!) but it was our stop to get off! I quickly asked hubby to scramble out the camera and snap a shot of it before being squeezed into a sandwich by the closing doors. Hehe, I only have a chance to look at it after I got home. I think this is actually the ad for Winter Sonata Pachinko game Season 2, right cloudnine? No wonder my Japanese relative who visited from New York asked me if Yonsama is making Winter Sonata 2? Hehe now, that one I can answer safely without even thinking : it is a NO. Knowing our BYJ, it's highly unlikely that he will repeat a similar project no matter what everyone else thinks.

Hehe, it's interesting how I was reminded of our 'hard-headed' JunSahng on the first day of my son's school. When the principal took us to his classroom that morning, the Math class had already started and the students had well settled into their own desks. I remember my son standing at the front of the class, wearing his backpack, feeling a bit nervous and shy. There were a few empty seats scattered around the room, so the teacher asked him to pick any seats he liked. There it was, an empty desk at the back of the middle row. At that split second, I had this image flashed across my mind of JunSahng's first day in class. How uneasy, uncertain and lonely he felt! Then I watched my son hesitated for a moment, looking self-conscious, then walked cautiosly towards that same desk as all eyes were on him. My boy must have read my mind!

Be brave, my dearest boy, hope you can face your challenge with intelligence and integrity, have loads of fun and friends in your new life! We love you so much :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

Yes!, the 3rd picture is the ad for WLS Pachinko part 2, well done, Jaime and her hubby! I've had no chance to see all these posters yet. It says "2008, the fateful reunion", so it was your destiny to find this, haha.

There's also an ad for WLS Pachinko on TV. You hear that familiar music of "From Beginning to Now" all of a sudden but then you only hear the dubbed (in Japanese) voices of Jun Sahn and Yu Jin, and at this moment you are drawn to WLS world but soon you realize it is an ad for Pachinko. I think it is a very well made ad.

So it was the Math class your son was taken to on his first day at school. I'm sure your son is brave enough to face his challenge.
Hope he'll enjoy his school life in Tokyo.

cloud nine

Anonymous said...

I have a sily grin in my face right now at work
just looking at the Wls pictures,
they bring back such sweet memories.

Hope your son fits in just fine,
and does great at school.


Yee said...

Hi Jaime ..

This is so sweet .. your son sure will do great, with his parents love and encouragement.
Receiving love especially at their early years give the children courage for their life ahead.
I have a big smile too, when I read that your mind came up with WS at your son's first day of school.
YJ's images and dramas will be in our mind forever .....


HeippieH said...

Dear Jaime, I wish your son adjust the change well and enjoy school life. He'll learn Japanese so fast that you won't believe it. I remember he is such a nice boy when we met last year, quiet and confident. You are bring him up so well. Keep loving him. As Y. said so well, love gives children courage for their life ahead. The most important gift you can ever give him.

We wish our boy/man the same. (^_^)

When I was in Tokyo subway 2005, I saw twice the poster of Winter Sonata on different trips, I got so excited but I could not show it, since hubby will glare at me, heehee ... but he also realize how popular HRH and WLS is, since it was 2005, 3 years after WLS was first on air, its posters were still in the train, proved its timeless popularity.


jaime said...

hi my dear cloudnine,

so it's '2008, the fateful reunion'. how sweet! I wish I could see the TV ad too, hehe, that is if I ever switch it on!

It's blowing snow this morning, so please take care of yourself. Hope you don't have to go out today :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi moontime,

I guess we all love Winter Sonata, eh? I know he looks so beautiful now as Damdeok, but I still love MinHyung's looks in WS, a perfect gentleman :)

Thank you for your well wishes for my son.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

dear yee,

Thank you for your advice on raising children. I couldn't agree more. If there is nothing else, give them hugs and shower them with lots of love are the best things we can do for them, and children love being hugged and kissed by their parents.

hehe, imagine how lucky Yong Joon's children are :)

Bless your heart ... love, jaime

jaime said...

oh my dear h,

Thank you for your encouragement. My boy is trying his best to adjust since he cuts in the middle of the school year. It is not easy but I told him that he's not alone, I am walking together with him on this. I am most grateful that I have sisters like you who are always here to support my ups and downs.

Really, you also saw WLS posters in 2005?! Hehe, contained yourself? How? You have to teach me. I was so excited and gasped, people in the train probably thought I was a nut! So when are you coming back to inspect the subway poster situation again? :)

love ... jaime

flowerbossa said...

Dear Jaime,

The snow has melted in our area...
How is it for you?

I feel your deep love for your son.
How lucky he is!
I too am lucky because I still manage to keep in touch with a friend I made when I was in 5th grade when I lived in New Jersey. She became a mother very recently, and loves sharing her baby's pictures!
Come to think of it, it's miraculous that we were able to keep in touch in the days where there was no e-mail!

Good luck to your boy and you, too♪


jaime said...

Dear flowerbossa,

So nice to hear from you again. Childhood friendship is the most innocent, you really do not measure or expect anything from your friend, just pure joy of each other's company, isn't it? I hope you and your friend's relationship will continue to blossom.

Yes, the snow melted right away but the wind continues to be strong. Are you near the harbour? Please take care! I think cloudnine onni is arranging a meeting next week, are you available?

love ... jaime

Toujours_BYJ said...

My dear Jaime

I'm sure Sean will success at his new shool, he is such an intelligeant boy.
Thanks for sharing TWSSG's pics in Japan, ah what a geat way to start a day on the way to the office.

jaime said...

my dear camille,

thank you so much for your kind words. I'm working very hard w/ my boy to get through the initial hurdle. I think you understand what I am going through. I sure hope things will become smoother later. Please take care!

love ... jaime