Tuesday, January 22, 2008

'Choum' snow

It's 'choum' snow this morning in Tokyo! Of course, just like any other morning, we were so inexcusably late that we just blindly grabbed whatever that's within our reach to wear and stumbled out of the door. Oh no, then I noticed there was blowing snow all over the sky. Not the Toronto type of heavy snowfall that yields 10 inches of snow for you to dig out and another 10 months of backpain to follow, but the kind of light snowflakes that melts as soon as it touches the ground. Then, I (very naturally) looked up in the sky and subconsciously (without even realizing it) put up my right hand to feel the first snow in Tokyo, like this!

What's more intriguing was when I incidentally looked at myself from the reflection of a store window, omigosh, where was I wearing?! A long camel coat, white high neck sweater, a pink salmon scarf wrapped the 'Winter Sonata' way! I am practically a 'Lee MinHyung'! Hehe, don't laugh at me sis, I bet you have 1, 2 or all of the above, plus more, right?

Now if you think there are pretty girls like Yujin going nuts chasing after me, NOT the case. First, I am not a man. Second, I don't have that gorgeous face like BYJ. Third, this woman's hair will frizz up like a 'lion-king' should it ever come in contact with rain or snow. I'll be lucky if I don't scare anyone away!

You see in TO, it doesn't matter how heavy or blowing the snow is, you don't really have to expose to any weather elements. You can get in the car from the garage, drive, get out of the car into another garage, that's it! So I am not equipped with any hat gear to protect my frizz-up hair. When I noticed others carrying umbrellas in the snow, I said to myself, "it's not raining, why is everyone holding up an umbrella?". Now I know SILLY, it's because the snow melts instantly when it hits any hard surface, including my coconut head!

Now please don't even try to imagine how pathetic I looked when I got home. Let's say a 'Bad Hair Day' is an understatement, ok? My question is, how come HRH still looks so darn handsome after standing in blowing snow for hours?

That reminds me of a post I saw in Baidu BYJ thread today, the title translates to : Looking at him, you feel God plays favouritism by 小樱桃姐姐 and here are some of the responses : Yes, He plays favouritism. All the best qualities are given to Yong Joon. We have to thank Him for bringing BYJ to this world, so we feel happiness everyday in our lives :) So, thank you for BYJ, thank you for the First Snow in Tokyo!


coco said...

HI Jaime, good morning from Vancouver!!

Thanks for all these amazing photos, wowowowow!! Yes, it's hard to tear myself away to go and do my day now, hahahaha!

I loved seeing Yonsama on YOUR train also -- it must be great for you to see him everywhere in Japan, when we don't see him ANYWHERE in Canada, ehhhh???

Please enjoy the choum nun-i -- sounds like VCR snow too, melts when it hits the ground. Lovely to see our sweet Min-hyung again....

Ok, gotta go, reality beckons!!

Much love to you,

gosijo said...

Alas, back in ol' TO, what you describe is the exception rather than the rule. I call it "Japanese snow" based on some anime seen a while back. Rather romantic to know you've just experienced it!

As for Yong Joon sightings, even something as "small" as his name in a subway ad, that's in our dreams, only! Still, we're luckier than some. I've spotted a few of his posters at the Pacific Mall. They may not be for sale but we can go "visit" once in a while, heehee!

As for snow gear, I have to say my experience is quite different. Nearer the centre of the city, it's usually impossible to park right where we're going so traipsing through snow and slush and getting the fluffy stuff melting on our heads and shoulders is a given. As a result, wooly hats and warm knee-length boots are a daily necessity in winter for this old ex-Montrealler.

Toujours_BYJ said...

Jaime, I enjoy reading your experience of the First snow in Japan very much, I'm strying to imagine you and can't stop laughing with your description (sorry my dear).
I miss MH, TI think I have to rewatch WS again like Gosijo.

jaime said...

hi chief,

good to hear from you here. I think Vancouver's weather is like TOkyo, and Toronto like Seoul. I read that Seoul is in the sub-zeros temperature, u willing to give up Vancouver for Seoul? Anytime! right?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

oh my poor gosijo,

I am sorry whenever I think of downtown, I think of the PATH which you are totally protected from the outside. Of course, there are so many places that you need to walk outdoor. Please take care, as I know how slippery the ice can be.

I am surprised to hear that the stores in Pacific mall even have Tae Wang's posters! Wow, if I were still there, I would have been so excited to see HRH. Hehe in Tokyo, I heard Yonsama is very famous, even among non-fans. Most Japanese have heard of him, but still it's not like his pictures are everywhere like Kimura Takuya. You have to go to specific places to look for him :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hehe my dear camille,

tell me honestly, will you do the same if it snows in Paris? It's amazing how deep Yong Joon's dramas have casted into our hearts and minds, subconsciously we think and act like him! We're lucky that he's such a good role model to follow :)

love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

konnichiwa jaime onni :)

:( the snow already melt down bec of the rain, right?

these past 2 yrs it didnt snowed like that. and yah its a few few snow. (:p i dont know the right term)

but i like the last 2005 snow. bec you wont see anybody holding an umbrella :)

i thought it only snow here onece a year but it looks like there will be more snow this year?

no match for canada's snow, huh?


jaime said...

konbanwa mymy,

how are you keeping warm in the cold? did I bring the snow over?
very busy studying, eh? my boy is also trying to catch up too. hope to see you again when you are less busy. please take care!

love ... jaime