Monday, January 7, 2008

A BYJ Phone?

I am rubbing my eyes, am I seeing it right? Japan is releasing a BYJ mobile phone featuring His Royal Handsomeness' pictures, voice messages and music. Haha, what perfect timing! Hubby has been reminding me to get myself a cell phone but I murmured to myself : how? where? why? what? when? who? U see, I am so used to everything (technolgy wise) being handed to me, I never really bothered investigating what's the latest and greatest in cell phone technology and style, never mind all the positives and negatives from hundreds of phone plans. Hehe, now HRH has made the easy decision for me, it'll be HIS phone!

reposted from Baidu/yj2829, original from JOB :

Now, the big question is : WHEN IS HE GOING TO CALL ME? Hehe, just kidding :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

It's good to know that you've finally started your new life in Tokyo. Relocation requires lots and lots of packing and unpacking, but furnishing a new house with new items is really a great fun, isn't it? So take your time and enjoy!!

Did you manage to buy the ticket of 'Barefooted Youth'? Did you make yourself understood in Japanese?

As for BYJ phone, I checked Softbanks's official site but found no news. It's a bit strange that only Korean media has reported this, but anyway HRH WILL CALL YOU on your birthday if you get BYJ phone. Hope your b.d. is not a few weeks away, hehe!

Say hi to your hadnsome hubby and his look-alike son

cloud nine

vegasbyj said...

Hi Jaime!

Happy New Year!

I hope you are doing well in your new home. Still unpacking? How exciting for you and your family to be experiencing life in a new country. How is your son doing adjusting to things?

About that BYJ phone - when you get one, be sure to show it off.

I'm so happy to see your posts!

Take care!

jaime said...

dear cloudnine,

Yes, I got the ticket! OK, not the best seat. eh maybe even the worst seat cos there are less than 5 seats left in the entire cinema. Hehe, it really doesn't matter. I just like the experience of watching BYJ with so many sisters.

Thank you so much for telling me about this. I'll see you on Friday!

hehe btw, thank you for the kind words about my hubby and son. You really make their day! :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

aloha, my dear vegas,

it's so nice to hear from you. I always feel warm to read your happy words. How's your vacation in Hawaii??

Yeah, I think my son enjoys his new school life. He told me there are so many new and interesting to learn and explore, hehe, keeps him busy :) Just hope to find him some extra-curricular activities later.
Please take care!

love ... jaime

bb said...

hey jaime,

good to hear that things seem to be settling in pretty quickly in tokyo!

and... me so green with envy that you're getting a byj phone :p

Tamar said...

Glad to see you arrived safely in Tokyo and you're starting to settle in. I'd love to go back to Korea. *sigh*

jaime said...

hehe princess,

the only problem is : I don't understand a single word on the phone. But then, so is any regular japanese phone :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hehe tamar, actually, it's not going back to Korea. my plan is how to get you over to tokyo and show me how to cook :)

love ... jaime

bb said...

i think you can still text in english and all that on a japanese cellphone, no?

Tamar said...

I actually had a phone which had english and hebrew letters on the pad. LMAO. Fortunately, I could read the hebrew ok. LOL!

I've never been to Japan before. Cheju-do is the closest I've ever been to Japan.